DH loves to try and out do me with everything. He created his own tractors and they have been working out well. I will be adding to this page a bit along but wanted to show everyone that visits me here to see what we have done so far.


This one sets in our front pasture. We only just finished it and added the EE's last night, 4/12/09. I like the door on this one better than on the other one. DH thought a big door would help me get food and water inside but it was a pain to deal with so i convinced him to make the door smaller for me.

Though you can't see the door on this image, it does take up most of the middle of the wall.


After we assembled the frame, we had to put the roof on which means we had to take the panel walls off to tip it over. This sucker is heavy enough without the panels.


We had attached the first two while it was in normal position to start the edge of the roof where we wanted it but DH and I were able to tip it over to attach the rest of the roofing.



So then we were able to go back and put in the panels again. Very simple to attach those as we used 4" carriage bolts with a washer and nut. Since it had to go through two 2x4's we had predrilled the holes and slid the bolt through, I would tap it on through with a hammer and hold the flat while DH used the drill with a socket to secure. pulled up the frame and panel snug and sandwiched the wire right in.

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