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Mashburnranchs Member Page

  1. MashburnRanch
    We are breeders of American Game Fowl, please do not confuse our fowl with the American Bantam Fowl. Two totally different catagories... Our fowl grow large up to 7 pounds at 3 years and the blood lines have been sit for over 100 years, we are members of the American Game Fowl Assc. as well as several other poultry show clubs. You can read up on us more at our web site : www.MashburnRanch.vpweb.com Thank you for Looking, again we only breed pure American Game Fowl, and a few private lines of our fowl crossed such as our black mamba with Asil or crossed with our White Clarets. These are private crosses we keep. Thank You for reading my message.

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