Welcome to my BYC Page

"Why did the chicken cross the road, roll in the mud and then cross the road again? Cause he was a dirty double crosser!"

Here are the kiddo's holding their chickies
Our adventure in chickens began when my 8 yr. old came home from a play date and told me that her friend's family had chickens. I was so intrigued by the idea of chickens that I started doing research. I read books, blog pages, websites, and poultry forums and I became fascinated with the idea of owning chickens. My oldest daughter also became "chicken obsessed too" telling me about how she knew of girls at her school that also had chickens. She wanted to have chickens so much that she put together a power point presentation with all the reasons she had researched for our family to own chickens as well.
In April our family decided that this is what we wanted to do. So the kids and I all piled into the mini-van with our cardboard box and we drove out to the local feed store and bought four Black Australorps. I had done research on chicken breeds and decided that this was the breed that would suit our family. So we brought home our little fluff balls and were so excited about it.


Here are our Black Australorp fluff balls: Mrs. Tweedy (my chick), Velvet (my oldest's chick), Floofy (my middle's chick), and Bumble Bee (my youngest's chick).

Here is me holding my chick Mrs.Tweedy. She loved to climb up into my hand and take little "chick" naps.
Well, a few short days after we got our Aussies we decided that four wasn't the right number for our family and after doing some more reading on the Internet we decided we needed one more chick. So back out to the feed store we went. The sales clerk was a little leery of letting me buy just one chick, but I told him that the chick had nest mates waiting at home. So, we brought home our Easter Egger chick. She immediately was a trouble maker with the whole toe picking of the other chicks. But with a little bit of work on my part. I got her to stop and now our girls are growing and look beautiful shiny and bright.

Babs, our Easter Egger hanging out with the other girls in their chick day care run.
And that's where we are. Me, my husband, our 3 kids and 5 chickens living in the Burbs of the Pacific Northwest.