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  1. rchucks
    McTee's Chuck-Chuck House
    This project started out after having some "farm-fresh" eggs given to us by some friends. After one bite of scrambled eggs, we (the whole family) quickly decided to get chickens. I wanted to get full grown hens who would produce eggs immediately, but was outvoted by mom and the kids who decided we needed to raise chicks to really get the whole process of having chickens. Mom was off to the local feed store the next day and came home with ten two day old chicks.
    The pressure was on to get the coop started. We decided to add the coop to an extisting 10 x 14 garden shed that we had built a couple of years ago. I'm adding this step by step of our adventure into chickens as my sense of "giving back" to all the internet sites that I have scoured over and gotten some priceless information from for many many years. is definately one of them. So here it goes, the McTee's venture into the chicken world.....
    Some information on the coop/enclosure itself: our existing shed was 10 x 14, the coop is 8 x 8 with a 5 x 8 area for the ladies, and 3 x 8 as a entry door and workbench/shelving space for us. The outside enclosure is 16 x 16 with 2" x 4" welded wire for the sides and 70% shade screen/netting for the roof. We decided to go with the shade netting since I sell it at work (roofing supply yard). We are really happy with the coop and enclosure area and don't think we'd change anything yet other than I would have made the entire coop around 12 x 8 with the same 3 x 8 area for the people but enlarge the ladies area to 9 x 8. Oh well, it seems pretty good for now, and the ladies sure look happy even though they're only 4 weeks old. I guess that would make them girls, right??
    Getting started with the layout. Celie is making sure it's o.k.
    Ah, that's pure kid slave labor shoveling out gravel for the coop. Almost brings a tear to my eye....
    A couple of hours later, we've got some walls up! Got some free octagon windows from a friend, pretty fancy huh?

    Starting to look like something. We made the trusses ourselves!
    Picture break time. The hole under the window is for the laying boxes, so we can gather eggs from the outside.
    This is the enclosure area. It's 16 x 16, and we used 4 x 6 landscape timbers as posts since they were on sale.
    Mom and Celie holding up the pre-made fence panels. We made the panels in the garage using 2 x 4's with plywood gussets at the corners for strength. We then used a 1/4" crown pneumatic stapler to attatch the 2" x 4" welded wire to the panels. This really made for a very stable and secure enclosure that was really easy to attach to the posts. We also stapled chicken wire to the bottom of the panels so we could run wire on the outside of the enclosure that would be covered up with gravel to keep any digging critters from getting to our ladies!
    Shade tarp going on. We used this for dual purpose shade and flying predator control. The tarp is attached to the fence panels with light duty chain and is so tight the kids could use it as a trampoline if they wanted to.
    Had to throw in a picture of the ladies. Wait, I mean girls! I think they want out of this small enclosure and into the real coop.
    Gave the girls a play day outside. The dog's aren't too interested though. See Jackson the basset eyeing that piece of bread?
    Close up of the fence panels.

    EGGS. EGGS. EGGS. Well wishful thinking I guess... We added a small deck to the coop, mostly for looks since we had the material laying around.
    Who's that strange man with my wife??? Roz is quite the artist, so she wanted to give the ladies (I mean girls) something to look at.
    Taking a break with the girls. They really love their new space!
    That's Matt trying to play Pirate with Ming-Ming. Maybe he will become the chicken whisperer...
    Brave girls sneaking up on Jackson while he's sleeping. One actually pecked his nose and woke him up!
    Pretty much finished. We added a planter in front of the enclosure area to dress it up a little.
    View from outside the front door of coop. We needed a small storage area for our stuff. The coop has a linoelum for the floor for easy clean up. We added power for a light and all the doors have self closing hinges so we shouldn't have any open doors.
    Inside looking at the laying box. We made three boxes for our ten ladies.
    Put a poop board under the roosting bar for easier clean up.
    One happy mama looking after her girls.
    This project has been a great expreince for a guy who would rather have shot himself than to raise chickens. It has really brought our family closer togethor and is something that I personally really enjoyed building.
    If you plan on doing a project like this and have scoured over this website gathering ideas consider this: Take an extra hour or two and post your pictures on this site. It sure gave us lots of great ideas, and hopefully you can get something out of it as well.

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  1. RealEstateChick
    Love it! Thank you for the info. :)
  2. Then I Will
    Very Beautiful coop!! You will all have sooo much fun with your chickens.
  3. Bhapimama
    Thanks for sharing. It's beautiful! I'm jealous!
  4. sourland
    Well done. Good luck with your flock.
  5. drumstick diva
    Gorgeous coop - my only thought is that 2" x 4" openings in wire fence are large enough to permit a lot of predators room for passage or reaching in and biting off anything they can reach. Don't know what preds are in your area but, the bottom 18"-24" inch high sections should be reinforced with 1/2" hardware cloth.
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  6. Scruffles
    Wow, beautiful coop! I like the artwork, too. Looks like you are out in Ruhenstroth where my parents live. :)
  7. perrypogue
    Congratulations on a great job...just awesome!
  8. LovinAK
    LOVE your outdoor run! That is a fantastic idea for a roof, great job!
  9. sunflour
    Beautiful coop, well presented article on the build and attention to details. A great example of planning and complimenting your home and yard. I can see why you are proud of it all!
  10. kaycountry1016
    Noticed this McTee coop/run was originally posted 6.1.10. Wonder how the McTee's and chickens are doing now. I bet it's not as shiny clean (laugh). McTee's.... are you out there? Tell us if you still have chickens and if so post some more photos of Then and Now. Thanks. 8.6.15 Kay in NC
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  11. RIR0BCM
    MAZING!!!!!!! GREAT JOB!!
  12. kaycountry1016
    Really nice!! You have a wonderful house and run and attractive also.
  13. smcgill
    Not to Shabby!
  14. Mellow1
    Wow....picture perfect! Nice layout, and really like the mural :>
  15. ashlieneevel
  16. Brookliner
    Beautiful coop. Please attach your clamp lanp with a second chain that will not allow the lamp to become unattached and start a fire by falling into the bedding.the clamp and cord are not enough.
  17. BYC Project Manager
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your pics for the Chicken Coop Picture of the Week! Thanks for posting your coop design & pictures to our "Chicken Coops" pages! You can find more info about the CC-POW here: CC-POW Process
  18. Aunt LoLo
    Oh my. Thank you!! I need to build an enclosed run for my girls, but couldn't get started on how to do it. The panels are a great idea, and much tidier than wrapping the posts with wire.
  19. Latestarter
    Wow... Really nice set up! I'm sure those eggs are going to taste great! good job :) (edit: remember to look at posting dates! I'll bet you've had many, many dozen delicious eggs over the years from the girls living in this very nice house.)
  20. plund
    Really? This is nicer than my house. I am so envious. Congratulations, beautiful job.
  21. chicki-vicki
    very inspiring - I just love BYC - and thank everyone for taking the time to share pics - it really helps - seems I'm having a bit of a problem relaying the ideas in my head to my hubby and carpenter friend - as I skip through all these wonder coops I add to favorites and then they have a visual - I am hopelessly addicted - enjoy
  22. Sprinkles212
  23. mommachick1
    I have to agree with everyone's comments. We are on a very limited budget for our run area and we are utilizing an 8'X8' existing shed. Great ideas that we might borrow. :)
  24. sarahbj
    Awesome Coop! Thanks for sharing. I am still in the checking BYC coop pages for ideas and you have some great ones!! Thanks again for sharing.
  25. rlhagan56
    Looks like you live in the same area as we do! Love your coop and yard design, just what we were looking for since we already have the shade cloth. Thanks for the details.
  26. Urk-ah-urk-ah-urr'
    What a beautiful place you have! Great design and effort. You should be very pleased with yourself. You are going to have your hands full if your egg production is a reflection of your girl's environment!
    Thanks for sharing.
  27. Katja
    I have to agree. Great chicken coop. I just finished getting my family excited about getting us some chicken!!!!! I've been reading up on everything all day. The storage area is also a great idea. Very practical as sheds are usually already full of other stuff. So you have gravel outside the coop and I guess dry soil inside? I hadn't even thought about animals trying to dig their way in. THANK YOU for mentioning it and thank you for sharing your pictures with us.
  28. georgia chick
    Absolutely love your coop page. Very detailed and great pictures. I am adding to my favorites so that my husband can base our coop/run off of yours! Thanks so much

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