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By Cyneswith · Nov 7, 2017 · ·
  1. Cyneswith
    My coop, my fault.

    I lost my first flock due to not finishing my pen properly. I figured it was tall enough to keep out foxes (d'you know they can jump more than 6 ft?). I figured it was covered enough to prevent most owl attacks (roof over 9 1/2 out of 12 feet of coop/run.) I was wrong. I lost my Murphy bird. The other 5, I feel bad about because I was responsible for them, but I'm straight up grieving Murphy. My fault.
    Unsurprisingly, Murphy is the bird that ate part of my cornea.

    My coop. I know myself - I will not remember to let chickens out every morning, first thing in the morning - thus the lack of pop door. An automatic one MIGHT be an option, though.

    Inside, sans "furniture"

    "Finished." Ha.

    Actual. Nov. 7th, was like this (with door closed, locked, with paint can wedging door shut) when birds were taken.

    November 7th. Attaching chicken wire to run roof.

    Egg Door/cleaning hatch. Need to add a support for the egg door, as it once fell on my neck - it's kind of heavier than it needs to be.

    Big enough vulnerability to fix? (And how? I could work it out eventually...)

    I was putting a paint can against the door every time I walked away.

    Bottom of doors kind of pressure fit (I know that's not the right term.) Could use suggestions for shoring up this side. It's not "easy" for me to open... But it's not easy for me to jump the side of the coop either, so I need to think in other terms.

    Run roof attached

    November 13th.

    That's all until I get it enclosed.

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  1. N F C
    How are you coming on your modifications? Sorry for your losses :hugs
    1. Cyneswith
      I still have to install roosts, and should reinforce some latches. Apron is on in front. But the roof/extended walls were the BIG stuff.
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