[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]Meadow's Acre Farm[/FONT]
We are (April), my husband (Benjamin) who is my best friend, and our miracle little girl, Meadow who is three years old. We recently moved from the big city in California to a tiny town in Kansas that is out in the country and so begins our adventure with chickens. We moved because after 12 years we finally had our daughter and we knew we didn't want to raise her in the asphalt jungle. We have been here for a month and we love it. I love the fireflies and the lightning storms and bird sounds! I love the wide open space that is now our back yard where my daughter gets to run and play. Life is good.
Our baby chicks arrived on friday and they are soooo cute! We ordered 27 but they sent 34.....4 have died but the remaining seem healthy and perky. They are little fuzzzy peeps! We have buff orps, rir's, blue wyandottes, ameracaunas, black austrolops, a black jersy giant roo and 10 slow growing broilers for the freezer. As soon as I figure out how to post pics here I will post some of the babies and of the beautiful coop my husband and my Father in Law are building for us.