Mealworms for the chicks

By Lkcoop66 · Dec 13, 2017 · ·
  1. Lkcoop66
    Growing my own, a lot cheaper. The girls go wild.

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  1. Mary8
    where do you get live ones?
    how do you grow them?
    1. matt14132
      You can get live worms at any pet store really. You can also order them online, even if you just do a google search for live mealworms, there are a bunch of companies that sell live mealworms and they will send them to the post office for you to pick them up so they don't freeze or sit in a box in the hot sun in the summer time.

      You can raise mealworms easily with 5 pounds of bran and a large plastic tub. They don't need much care, feed them some fruits or veggie scraps and they will multiply like crazy.

      There are a ton of articles about the different ways to raise mealworms, find the way that works best for you for where you live and you'll have a mealworm colony that will run for years:)

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