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By crazychickenwom · Mar 13, 2012 · Updated Mar 13, 2012 · ·
  1. crazychickenwom
    I have transformed an old swing set into a coop for my meat chickens. The frame is enclosed by chicken wire, and the whole pen will be within an electric fenced area to keep predators out. The tarp will be placed over the top and the whole side facing the picture. It is almost 8 feet square, and 3 feet high. I have made an opening on the end to allow for easier access to the feeder and waterer that will hang from the top of the coop.


    Not sure how I am going to secure the doors yet, but I did use an old garage door track and re bar to make hooks to hang the feeder and waterer from:

    Any advice or suggestions would be lovely! Thanks for looking!

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  1. crazychickenwom
    Cackler, I think it would depend on your temps outside. I would say that by the time they are mostly feathered, and / or the temps outside, at night, are comparable to the temps in your brooder. Since there are so many they will be able to keep each other warm up to a point, but be careful with them!
    Thanks for all the great comments! All of the wood is treated, and already been outside for a long time, so I am hoping that with proper storage in the barn when not in use this will hold up for several sets of meats!
  2. cackler
    BTW - I like your coop! That will be nice and airy for them to be comfortable.
  3. cackler
    We have just purchased 15 cornish rocks and this is the first time for us for meat chickens (have layers). What age should I take them out of the brooder? I didn't know for sure at what age they don't need the heat lamp any longer.
  4. justbugged
    It looks good to me. It is a nicer set up than what I have made for my meaties. It's a good things that the pen only has to hold up for 8 weeks or so.

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