Owner of 6 lovely black star hens Niecy, Nantee, Violet, Chickira, Alice, and Kayla and 2 Buff Orpington hens, Tweety and Goldie. I have some new baby chicks coming in!!!!!! 3 barred rock, 3 white rock, 2 new hampshire reds, 2 speckled sussex (all hens) and 1 delaware rooster. Their names are going to be salt, pepper, rocky, patsy, pearl, gerdy, ginger, reba, ruby, shirley, and duke. I love owning and raising chickens. They are sooooooo much fun to watch and raise.

These are my hens..................
This is Violet with Goldie's butt in the background

This is my biggest hen Niecy and her husband Jerry. They were the king and queen of the coop until we got rid of our 2 roosters. Now Niecy resides as the queen of our coop.
This is my youngest black star hen Kayla and that is Goldie again in the background..
This is my Buff Orpington hen Tweety on a insect raid in the woods