Medium Homemade Coop

By MegaChickens, Oct 8, 2012 | Updated: Oct 8, 2012 | | |
  1. MegaChickens

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  1. PirateFarmer
    Yes - it makes sense - and is a good idea, too! {I hadn't consider that option}
  2. PEI chicken
    Looks good. (Looks a lot like my first coop too) I started feeding and watering in the run, so the inside stayed dry. Needed to cover a part of the run to do this. Have fun with your chickens!
  3. MegaChickens
    The side door (not seen) has a sliding screen door so it doesnt get to hot in the summer. Their is also a solid door that can be closed over the screen door, if that makes sense?
  4. PirateFarmer
    Nice. I haven't seen the nests that low, before - they're at floor level, correct?
  5. PirateFarmer
    This looks really nice...any photos of the inside?

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