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Meet a few of our other girls!

  1. Alexandra33
    Our Black Sumatra, Bali, enjoying some time in the sun. Boy, is she ever a talker! There are times I think my ear is just about ready to fall off from her endless chatting. [​IMG]
    Scarlett, Partridge Rock, and feisty redhead. Don't ever think of getting anywhere near her during roosting time, because she'll just about take your arm off!
    Ava the EE perching on a stall in one of the barns. Who knew that a member of that breed could grow into such a huge hen! Good thing she's extremely sweet and docile, right?
    Cream Legbar, name of Arlene. Although not friendly in the slightest, this girl DOES provide us with a ridiculous amount of beautiful blue eggs.
    Seneca, SIlver Laced Wyandotte, layer of amazingly dark, speckled eggs.
    Addy the Black Australorp letting the sunshine bring out her stunning green sheen. What a pretty girl!
    Of course, Enya is ALWAYS beautiful, which is something that will forever be fact. [​IMG] We're pretty sure she's a Barnevelder/Welsummer cross.

    Of course, that's not all we have in our flock, but it would take a horrendously long chicken page to cover them all! [​IMG]


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  1. kristalb
    Very pretty!
  2. Alexandra33
    Thank you so much, Lily, @Hiyaherc , and @chant! You guys are great. :)
  3. chant
    All this time I thought my hens were Chanticleer and now after seeing your Scarlett, clearly they're Partridge Rock. Thanks for sharing!!
  4. Hiyaherc
    Beautiful flock! Thanks for sharing your pictures. Addy's colors are beautiful!
  5. chicken4prez
    My avatar says how much I LOVE your article!!!!!!! ;-)
  6. Alexandra33
    Thank you, @TwoCrows !
  7. TwoCrows
    Beautiful flock!! :)
  8. Alexandra33
    Thanks, @Yorkshire coop !
    @Bridebeliever , she actually is hatchery stock! :)
  9. Yorkshire Coop
    Fabulous pics Alex!! Thanks for sharing :)
  10. Alexandra33
    Thanks, everyone! :)
    @KayTee , we aren't absolutely sure, since Enya COULD feasibly be a Partridge Rock. However, we ordered a Barnevelder and she's what we got. While she possesses quite a few of the breed's attributes, her lacing/penciling is definitely nowhere near what it should have been had she been pure Barnevelder. I must agree that she is an absolute beauty, whatever she might be!
    At Meyer Hatchery, Sumatras are $4-something, so certainly very affordable if you want an exotic black bird! :)


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