We bought Chickadee from Zips Feed Store as a chick. We intended to process her for meat when she became on age, but I guess we're just not farmers. She and four other chicks grew up to become pets and egg layers. After a few years, all four of the bantams died of natural causes, and Chickadee lost her eye. We're not completely sure what happened to her to make her loose it.

After the loss of all the bantams, Chickadee turned to us for companionship. We didn't understand about chickens needing chickens at that time. You couldn't leave that hen without her screaming after you! One time she even followed us inside of the house! She loved to perch on your leg when you sat down, and occasionally she would fly on top of your head. Her favorite thing to do was jump up to eat bread out of your hand.

A couple years later, we got some standard sized girls. Chickadee scratched around with the big girls, but she didn't sleep with them. She preferred to roost on the deck rail closest to us. It seemed like she still thought herself a human. Even today, she lives a strange solitary life.

Chickadee is now five years old, and accomplished raising two batches of chicks in one year around the same time. What an amazing girl. This story is just a corner of her.

Here is our little Chickadee.

Chickadee with her babies.

Showing her blind side.