Meet my 5 hens!

By RAsChickens · Jun 10, 2017 · ·
  1. RAsChickens
    Meet RAsChickens' 5 hens! IMG_0684.JPG

    From left to right; Anna, Joy, Tiffany, Gidget, and in the background, Elsa!

    Anna is a Buff Orpington. Her name is pronounced "AWN-ah" and I named her after the princess from the movie Frozen. She's really sweet, but is the hardest to catch and is an escape artist! I have to watch her carefully when she is free ranging!
    Joy is a Buff Orpington. I really like Disney, so I named her after the character from Inside Out. She is very fluffy and is the only one of my chickens who will tolerate being picked up!
    Tiffany is a Buff Orpington. She is the only one of my chickens not named after a Disney movie! She was a very brave and sassy chick, so I gave her a sassy sounding name! She loves flying and when is trying to get somewhere quickly, she flies!
    Gidget is a Barred Plymouth Rock. Her name was inspired by my little cousin! She really likes the dog named Gidget in the movie The Secret Life of Pets. She is my most vocal chicken! She starts clucking when she sees me and is always the first to explore something new!
    Elsa is a Buff Orpington. She is named after Queen Elsa from Frozen. She's super sweet and loves everything!

    I hope you enjoyed meeting my chickens! For more, follow us on Instagram, @rileyannspets

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  1. Lauren Kim
    I really loved how you gave most of your chickens names from Disney. 5-star article!
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  2. TwoCrows
    Adorable!! :)
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  3. Whittni
    Very cute!
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