Meet my 8 little egg poopers!

  1. Aspen Anderson
    You love chickens, too? Wonderful~!
    Allow me to introduce you to my 8 feathered friends!

    Baoji the Silkie Bantam:
    My favorite and the only one who's truly mine. Ain't she cute~? :love I love my floof princess! Her name means "bun" or "little bread" in Chinese. Suiting for a little, fluffy, Chinese chicken, don't you think?

    Saphira the Milles Fleur D'uccle:
    Or "Baoji's Baby" as we call her. The two are inseparable! She's our smallest hens, but has the biggest personality! She has to live up to her name, after all, being named after the dragon in Eragon. ;)

    Done with the bantams! Unfortunately, due to a series of events, we have to keep the bantams separate from the regular hens. But that's okay, because they're happy to be with each other anyways!
    Allow me to introduce the big girls!

    Oreo the Speckled Sussex:
    Screm, screm, screm! Food loving and ruler of the roost, Oreo is such a funny girl and we couldn't love her more. Don't pick her up, though. She squirts! :lol:

    Lemon the Buff Orpington:
    She may be the main reason why we had to separate the bantams from the regular hens, but she's still a sweetheart and loves to be held! Whatever you do, though, do not disturb her while she's broody. And don't let her get near your bantams. Other than that, she's incredibly lovable!

    Copper the Rhode Island Red:
    Ever heard of an introverted chicken? Well here you go! Meet Copper, the first socially awkward chicken I've ever met. She's an odd one, that's for sure, but we love her for that. Awkward, but with a big heart.

    Cloud the White Rock:
    I do believe that's her breed. Correct me if I'm wrong!
    Cloud is a very beautiful, but very large hen. She's even rather clever, having been the first to figure out when I'm lying or when I really do have treats. :lol:
    (She can also be a bit creepy sometimes...:oops:)

    Maleficent (Mal) the Dominique:
    My favorite of the regular hens! She is such a sweet heart, but I don't think she knows it, yet. ;) She also went through a little identity crisis when she was young. Barred Rock Cockerel? Nope! Dominique Hen!

    Puff the Easter Egger:
    No, not Puff the Magic Dragon, but close!
    Puff is actually rather skittish, but when you can catch up to her enough to give her the loves she desperately needs, she can be almost as big of a snuggle bug as Baoji! She also recently lost her beard, perhaps due to being at the bottom of the pecking order. I'm hoping her beautiful beard grows back! :fl

    And that's our flock! They all have such personalities and I love them all so very much. Unfortunately, I'm not an expert at raising chickens. I would love to give them the best life possible, which is why I joined BYC! Everyone here has been so helpful in my journey to become an excellent chicken mom! :D


    R. I. P Mentions

    Poe the Black Australorp

    March 5, 2017 - May 4, 2017
    May the Force be with you, little turd. Lemon misses you!

    Albert the Silver Laced Polish
    May 1, 2017 - May 6, 2017
    You weren't with us long, little one, but you'll be in our hearts forever.​

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