Meet my BYC buddies!

  1. chicken4prez
    Hi everyone! I have a BYC friends list on my profile but I wanted to do something bigger... So here are all my BYC friends!

    Bubbles… Ehem Banty, Is a great friend who has THE MOST cutest ducks EVER! Banty is so so sweet and she also has beautiful hens. Banty is also the best photographer here and the best artist here too. Thanks for being my friend, Banty!

    I've been chatting with Amari for as long as I can remember. She is a very sweet and godly person who I love to hang out with. I also love her flock and especially Alexandra and the SSH/Polish mix[​IMG] No, Its actually a different breed but I nicknamed it. I also can't forget, she's my BYC sister. Love ya!

    Oh where to start, where to start... Cherry is SUCH a amazing person who can literally make the grumpiest person in the whole entire world laugh. She make me smile all the time. I LOVE having her as a friend

    Emma is a very sweet person who loves Austrolorps![​IMG][​IMG] She is very kind and I love chatting with her on my chat thread. I love having her as a friend

    Sally Sunshine
    Sally is a very very VERY sweet person who is always messaging me on my bulletin board and I do the same! I love chatting with her and we are always giving each other lots of *hugs*
    @Sally Sunshine

    Ohhhh, Leyla... There is no possible way to describe this awesome gal. I love chatting with her between our bulletin boards and just everywhere!

    Mountain Peeps
    Sarah is a very God-Centred person who is very sweet and I found that she likes doing hair like me! Her flock is very beautiful too. I am proud to call her my friend
    @Mountain Peeps

    N F C
    Debby is a wonderful person who I love chatting with her back and forth on our bulletin boards. Her flock is also VERY beautiful and I love all the stories she has about them
    @N F C

    How can I forget my loveable BYC sis? Destiny is a AMAZING person who is so caring and compassionate. She is always looking out for others being sweet as always. There is no possible word to describe this awesome girl. Also can't forget that she is my lovable twin!

    Isabel is a very sweet person who LOVES horses and chickens. (Just like meeee!) We met on a chat thread and then from there it became friendship.

    Kyndra and I met very recently but have become fast friends! She is a very sweet gal who has THE CUTEST CHICKS!!!! Love you Kyndra!

    Abbey and I met on my chat thread and we have become the best of friends. She is a sweet and loving person. She always makes me laugh when I need one. Thanks for being my friend, Abbey!

    Isabella and I met by me simply saying Hello on her bulletin board. Now it's anything with tree frogs or how's the flock? She has been so much fun to talk and chat with. I haven't known her long but she is already a GREAT friend.

    Sokya has been my friend for about 6 years and I'm so happy that she joined BYC! She is a GREAT and AWESOME role-player too. I'm so glad that you're my friend, Sokya.

    I met Summer on my chat thread and it's been so fun to get to know this awesome gal. We love talking about chickens and just anything! Thanks for being an awesome friend, Summer!

    Sarah and I first met on a RP and ever since she has been so sweet to talk to, and she's always helping me with RP ideas! I've only known her for about a week, but already I can feel a promising friendship starting to bloom.

    Again, Tina and I met on a Role-play. We love talking about pretty much anything from budgies to Warrior Cats. I love her new puppy and her flock! She's a great Role-player and an amazing friend! She puts a smile on my face all the time.

    I'm not really sure where Zelda (love your name!) and I met, but she's awesome to talk to and I love RPing with her too!!! We share lots of interests and she's also a strong Christian. I also love how beautiful and cute her flock is!!! Thanks so much for being my friend, Zelda!


    Thank-you to @Nifty-Chicken for making the best site ever!

    I will continue to add friends as I meet new amazing people on BYC!

    A little note: Just because your profile might not be at the top, or it may not be the longest description, remember that I still love you all the same, I love getting to know you more and more each day. Thanks for being my friends.


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  1. vachick15
    Thanks, Lily! You're awesome! I'm making my own BYC friends list soon, you'll definitely be on it!
  2. HeavensHens88
    THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN, LILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can't say it enough- you're AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
    I'm writing up my own friends list this month- keep an eye out for it!!!!!!! *Hugs*
  3. chicken4prez
    You're so welcome! Thanks so much! *Gives million hugs back!*
  4. HeavensHens88
    Wow, Lily! I feel so incredibly honored!!!!!!! You're an amazing, God-honoring girl and I can't wait to put my own friend list together to honor YOU next!!!!!! *Gives wide smile and hugs*
  5. chicken4prez
    *Hugs* right back to you, Isabella!
  6. RodNTN
    Thank you soo much Lily!! I'm very honored to be on your list!!!! Thanks again, *HUGS*
  7. chicken4prez
  8. Cluckcluck1215
    I just need to say,love the color you put my name in!
  9. Cluckcluck1215
    Thanks for adding me!!love you!*HUGS*
  10. henny1129
    Awe, thanks for adding me Lily!
  11. DiamondSwan
    Awe, thanks sis! Your the best! *Hugs* [​IMG]
  12. chicken4prez
  13. BantyChooks
    Mine ARE the cutest. Thank you so much.
  14. ChickenLover200
    Thanks so much! :). They didn't sound horrible... Mine do on my article though lol!
  15. Sally Sunshine
    Dawwwww Lil! your so sweet!!! I think your awesome! HUGS HUGS HUGS love and blessings too!! <3
  16. N F C
    Thanks for the mention Lily, how nice of you!
  17. austrolover1
  18. ChickenLover200
    Thanks for mentioning me! Out of ovations right now though ;-)
  19. chicken4prez
    *Hugs* to all my friends!
  20. Mountain Peeps
    Aww, thanks for mentioning me, Lily! *Hugs*
  21. Nifty-Chicken
    Very nice of you!!!
  22. CherriesBrood
    Awww thanks so much! *BIG HUGS* Your a great frined lily! :D
  23. TwoCrows
    You are too kind! *HUGS* :)
  24. chicken4prez
    *HUGS* back!
  25. Alexandra33
    And I love you so, so much, Lily! :D *big hugs* Thanks for being a fabulous chatting buddy and great friend!

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