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Hello one and all!
I will be doing Blog posts for each member of my flock. Some will be in pairs like the twins Pheebe & Noodles: they were raised together, they eat together and they do everything together and it would be very sad if they were taken apart from eachother. Just click on each title to read about each bird or group of birds. The titles will be titled as so: meet: [insert name(s)]

Here is an Example: (my actual bird)


I got Willow as a baby chick (05.24.11), he was a classroom chicken that was hatched out as an experience for little kids. One of the girls in that class took a chick home. They kept him in a box for the first 4-5 weeks of his life. They held him often and he was fairly tame. The family had to move and could no longer keep the chick so they searched for a home for the chick and low and behold I got the chicken. I knew it was a cockeral by the looks of it's comb:
This is him growing up:

Currently he is fairly high in the pecking order, the next to top rooster. He doesn't hurt people at all but when it comes to food EVERYTHING goes to his girls and himself.

So that's how everything should work. Have a good one!
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Whittni has Bachelor's degree in Agriculture with minors in Art and Communication. In her free time, she enjoys studying flock behavior and hopes to train as a poultry judge in the future.

Her favorite animals? Chickens of course! Whittni would like to revolutionize the outside stigma of poultry keeping and help economise backyard flock keeping. She also enjoys sewing, crafts, and traveling abroad.


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