Meet The Girls

We bought our girls from They were born on April 25th 2011 and arrived on the 27th.
Here they are on their first day at home.

Sitting with our cat, Bobby (he has since passed away

With my lovely wife...

One week old...

Three weeks old...



A trip outdoors...

Moving into the coop!

After just four nights they figured out their roost!

Around 8 weeks old, lovin' their watermelon!

They're really growing up! It's egg watch time!!


Alice is a little behind, her comb and wattles are coming in though.

Here is our first egg! Chico was the first, just as we suspected.

So, we brought it home, cooked it and shared it between three of us!

These pictures are from late summer/early fall. Most of them were laying by this point. This was a cool day and they were enjoying a little sunbathing...Divas!!