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  1. chicken4prez
    Hi everyone! Today I'm going to show you my little flock of 26. Enjoy!

    This is Belle, The mix of a Buff Orpington. We got her as a 3 month old after some of our hens died. Right now she is 1 1/2 yrs

    This is Maple, she is 1 1/2 years old. We got her also as a three-month-old but not the same time as Belle. She is a pretty Ameracana and she lays the nicest light blue eggs and she is EXTREMELY chatty[​IMG]

    This is our Silver Spangled Hamburg named Kristin after our friend. She is currently 4 or 5 years old and lays nice white oval eggs for us.

    This is our mixed hen Juliet and she is SO friendly and loves hanging out with the other hens. We got her a hour long chick. We didn't think she would make it but now here she is at a 1 year old! Our little fighter

    This is Lavender (Lavie is her nickname) our Black Sex Link and she is one of our favourite hens who is always coming up to you and demanding to be pet[​IMG] She JUST turned 1 year old on the 16th so happy birthday!

    This is my FAVOURITE hen, Lily. She is a White Silkie and soooo friendly. She is not broody but she is so friendly and soft. Yes, she is not the cleanest Silkie but we still love her[​IMG]

    This is Jessica our Light Brahma. Jessie is not the friendliest but she is SOOOOO soft!!!! She is 1 yr

    This is Sunshine our White Sussex who is pretty friendly. She loves hanging out with her sisters (Jelly-Bean and Pearl) and the other hens. She also just tuned 1

    This is our unknown breed hen named Hazel and if you see that brown spot on her beak thats just how she is[​IMG] She is always bending down and demanding to be pet. She just turned 1

    This is Suzie our Ameracana who is 1 year old. She is very friendly and loveable!

    Meet Sarah our BSL who has a natural floppy comb[​IMG] She JUST tuned a year old too. She lays nice brown eggs for us

    Mabel is a EE/Ameracana mix and lays nice green/blue eggs for us. She is 4 or 5

    This is Candice who is crazy energetic so I am really happy that she POSED for this picture. She is a RIR and 1 year old

    This is Pearl our White Sussex who is pretty shy so I'm also glad that I got a good picture of her[​IMG] She is 1 year old

    Jelly-Bean is a 1 year old White Sussex and on the right of the picture you can see Juliet photobombing. Love you girl!

    Squawk is our RIR who is 5 or 6. She is getting pretty old and slowing down but I still love her!

    Meet Cutie our BSL who is 5 or 6. We love her so much and sorry for the fuzzy picture, she is a mover!

    This is our 6 or 7 year old White Sussex named Muffin. We thought she was going to die but then she made a miracle recovery and here she is!

    This is our mixed hen, Daisy who is one of my favourite hens even though she's not very friendly. When we got her she was SO chatty and scared of everything so we called her Crazy Daisy but now she has calmed down. She is 3 or 4

    This is Caramel our rare hen (No idea what breed) She is not the friendliest but she is so cute! She is 2 yrs old

    This is Midnight and she is our most energetic hen so thats why the picture if fuzzy (sorry!) She is 1 year old

    I have a few more hens that I'm not showing you right now but I will get some pictures.

    That's my little flock. Thanks for reading!

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    I'm a Christian homeschooled teenager who lives in Canada with 39 amazing chickens! I also have 3 cats, 4 budgies, and 1 fish. I have a wonderful life!


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  1. Alexandra33
    I love your girls! They're so stunning, it's all I can to to keep from jumping through this screen and giving each a hug. :D
  2. chicken4prez
    @RodNTN the page is done!
  3. chicken4prez
    Great, @RodNTN !
  4. RodNTN
    Can't wait until the construction is over so I can read it!
  5. chicken4prez
    Thanks, BCP! I'm waiting for tomorrow to see;)
  6. BoomChickaPop
    Adorable bunch you have there Lily!!
    You should've won POW!!
  7. chicken4prez
    Thanks so much, @hashworld !
  8. hashworld
    Very beautiful and happy hens. And beautiful clicks..Good to know many of your hens are 6+ years old and are healthy.It shows how well you have been caring for them :)
  9. chicken4prez
    Thanks @Whittni !
  10. Whittni

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