Meet the Turkensteins!!

By Book Em Danno25 · Jan 13, 2015 · Updated Jun 19, 2015 ·
  1. Book Em Danno25
    Thomas Lee Turkenstein

    -Tom was my first turkey.
    -She came with her twin sister, Buddy.
    -Ive had her for 3 years!!
    -She is the leader, and a bit bossy. ;)
    -She thinks she’s the male leader, always bossing everyone around.
    -She likes her ears scratched.
    -Tom likes to hang in the trees with me.




    Buddy Fluff Turkenstein-
    Here is Tom’s twin. She is bossy little girl that is always fluffing up. She is smaller than Tom, but makes up for that with her sassiness. Buddy likes to be held upside down like a baby, and she likes to sit with me and Tom in the trees.
    This was her as a baby.
    Da Flower Girl
    In the Tree

    Here is the sisters together!

    I got Cake a little over 6 months ago, from one of my best friends parents. Cake was the head male, but when he came to us, the girls put him in his place.Cake is a very weird chicken. He is always making weird noises, or crowing at 4 in the morning. :) Cake is a very big, loveable boy.

    And last, but not least, is my favorite peacock, Clint. He is big and beautiful, always showing off to the hens.

    i hope you enjoyed learning about my birds!!! If you have any questions, Pm me!!!

    If you want to learn more about me and Turkenstein Farm,
    Check out my websites!!

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  1. Book Em Danno25
    Thanks everyone!!
  2. BantamFan4Life
  3. autumnhearth
    Beautiful Bourbons, Peacock and Rooster
  4. Book Em Danno25
  5. familyfarm1
  6. LoveChickens123
    I love your peacock so beautiful.
    so are your turkeys and chickens! awesome story! :)
  7. Book Em Danno25
    Thanks!!! Hoping to get one of the pics chosen as POW!!
  8. TamingMaster
    Good job!

    Cake is so handsome!
  9. Book Em Danno25
    Who likes it?

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