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By zoo357 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. zoo357
    My name is Rose and I live in NW Indiana with my partner "Big"Dave.
    We live on almost 6 acres. We share our home with our Great Dane and 9 inside cats. We also have several outside cats.
    I'm new to the chicken world even though I've been working with animals over 30 years. I've been involved with animal rescues and am a big advocate for spaying and neutering dogs and cats. I've always wanted to work in a zoo (thus my name).
    Our home is always filled with laughter by whatever antics our cats can show us. I'm known for bringing home those pets that have broken legs, tails and BOT flies (long story). I've always wanted to be a "farm" girl so having the chickens is right up my alley. Not to sure about the winter yet..but I'll let you know.

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