-MEGS-BATOR- Made by: Elias and Levi Ramos For: Mommy aka: Meghan Ramos
My wife grew up with her grandparents having chicken so of course we had to get some chicks! The only thing is she didnt know how addicted I was going to get! Now coming up on a year later its time to add to our flock. So I decide to make a bator and brooder and hatch or own chicks this time, and so it began!
First we started with an igloo ice chest. I then marked it for all the vent holes and the holes for the pvc egg rack and turner, making sure to leave enough clearance on all sides for an 18 count egg carton.
I then went on and traced the outline of an 8x10 picture frame (just the glass). I drilled a 1 in. hole in each corner of the outline and the drilled out the vent hole and hole's for the turner. Then I took a jig saw and cut out th outline for the viewing window.After clening up all the foam that came out of the ice chest I meassured and put together the rack and turner and adjusted to make sure it fit perfectly.
Useing the excisting drain hole I ran in the electrical wires for the cpu fan,and lighting fixtures. I wired one light to stay on all the time with a 25 watt bulb, and the other I wired to the water heater thermastat with a 40 watt bulb. The 25 watt bulb maintains a temp of 98-100.9, the only time the t-stat light comes on is if the temp drops to 96.6 and it shuts off at 100.9. The t-stat light works as a back-up light so if the other goes out or you just have a drop in temp it will kick in and bring it right back up.
I then put the glass back in the frame and then caulked it in to place over the 8x10 viewing window cut out.
After that I put a small dish with water and a spung in the bottom of the bator and then put the rack/turner back in and put 4 pc. of wire across it to give it enough strength to support18 eggs.
Also I put together a 2 ft. hose and a small funnel so I can and water to the dish through one of the vent holes.
Now that everything is ready to go its time for some eggs!!!!!!!! 6 Heritage RIRs, 6 BOs, and 6 BRs




It is our first hatch and we started with 18 shipped eggs on 1/6/11, and are now on day 15 and have 12 eggs (4 RIRs, 5 BOs, and 3 BRs) that are developed and looking good.