I love my Millies!
My Millie Cochin Roo "Milo" and his ladies " Myrtle and Mildred"

My beautiful little Mildred won BV at her first show!

Milo and Mildred's first hatchling " Millicent"
( Not sure but Millicent may be a Marvin! )

My Splash Silkies :
"Prince Rainer Princess Di sweet Prince Harry

My little Cochin Clan:
Dixie, Dottie, Reba, Ruby, Feather, and Tyra
Handsome "Rambo"

My newest additions Bantam Salmon Faverolles. I just love em!

Faye and Sammy

I must say this is turning out ot be my favorite breed of chicken....
Sammy is the sweetest rooster...he loves to be held and cuddled! Falls asleep in my arms..
The long awaited chick is here! It was suppose to be born New Year's eve 2011 but arrived last night 1-2-2012!

Faye's first chick!