Merry Christmas From Our Flock To Yours

By taprock · Dec 18, 2012 · ·
  1. taprock
    This is my first year with Silkies and Showgirls. They have been a joy to have around. When I was thinking of what to do for a Christmas card I thought of my Silkie, Snowball. I want to use her as a therapy bird so she has gone everywhere with me this year. She has gone to camp to soccer and to many family events. She tolerates baths wonderfully and loves to snuggle. So she was my first choice. Second was Buzz who is a very friendly Showgirl rooster. However, he wouldn't stand still for a good picture so Teri, short for Pterodactyl stepped in and did a great job. I crocheted the scarf and a hat, which did not end up staying on Snowballs head. The whole family had fun on Thanksgiving arranging the chickens and taking the pictures.

    Snowball and Buzz

    Snowball trying to get out of her hat.

    Snowball with her bow.

    Snowball and Teri for our card.... finally!

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