Metal Coop Kits Shipped To Your Door

By redhotchick · Jan 11, 2012 · Updated Jan 12, 2012 · ·
  1. redhotchick

    We build these coops in kit form & can ship anywhere.Watch for other styles & sizes.I here sometimes about metal being too hot or cold.Don't believe the hype.I live in Fort Worth TEXAS & my birds are fine.You can insulate them real easy.I free range mine all day so they only sleep & lay eggs inside.I use heavy screen that can easily be covered in the winter.Our coops are easy to clean.Just spray it out with a hose.Anyone can assemble one of my kits,or We can ship a finished coop to your door.If you are within 5 hours of Fort Worth,I'll deliver it to you myself.I warrenty all work & materials myself.If something goes wrong,Call me & I will get there quick to fix it.Ever heard the story of The Three Little Pigs? When mounted to a small slab,nothing is getting in unless a bear attacks! My girls sleep at night.I am a former zoo keeper for the City of Dallas & build with the birds in mind. I can easily screen the whole side walls in for an Aviary. Just ask & I'll work with you. Pm me for any questions.I am working on a website too.The name of my company is ZooCasas.

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  1. neuchicontheblock
    have additional pics, prices?
  2. redhotchick
    Hey Ya'll! Sorry I didnt leave my number.It is 817-372-5622. I have a lot of styles,but can build you one to suit.Call anytime.
  3. neuchicontheblock
    How would I get in touch with you regarding prices?
  4. ladywho177
    so how does one go about contacting you and getting sizes/prices?

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