Meyer Hatchery

By JenniferJoIN · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. JenniferJoIN
    Hatchery Name: Meyer Hatchery
    Location: Polk, Ohio
    BYC Members Feedback: See above page "Meyer Feedback"
    Small orders available: Yes. Small order charge of $20.00 for 3-15 chicks and charge of $15.00 for 16-24 chicks. Minimum order is 3.
    Shipping included in chick prices? No
    Do they sell sexed bantams? No
    17-week-pullets availabe: Yes. Beaks are trimmed and they are full vaccinated.
    Day-old chicks available:
    • Brown Egg Layers (Standard Size)
      • Barred Plymouth Rocks, Black Star, Black Austalorp, Buff Orpington, Black Jersey Giant, Buckeyes, Delewares, Dominiques, Golden Buff, Golden Laced Wyandottes, New Hampshire, Partridge Plymouth Rock, Rhode Island Red, White Plymouth Rock, Silver Laced Wyandotte, Speckled Sussex
    • White Egg Layers (Standard size)
      • White Leghorn, Light Brown Leghorns, Golden Campine, Golden Phoenix
    • Tinted Egg Layers (Standard size)
      • Americaunas, Salmon Faverolles
    • Dark Brown Egg Layers (Standard size)
      • Welsummer, Cuckoo Maran
    • Assortments (Standard size)
      • Brown egg layers, Rare egg layers, Rainbow pullet pack, Fry pan bargain
    • Meat chickens
      • Broilers
    • Bantams
      • Japanese
        • Assorted Japanese, Japanese Black, Japanese Blacktailed White, Japanese Gray, Japanese White, Japanese Blacktailed Buff
      • Seabrights
        • Gold or Silver
      • Polish bantams
        • White-crested black
      • Old English
        • Assortment, BB Red, Crele, Barred, Red Pyle
      • dUccles
        • Mille fleur bearded, Porcelain bearded
      • Rosecomb
        • Black or Splash
      • Mini-Standards
        • Araucana, Barred Rock, White Wyandotte, Antwerp Belgian, White crested black polish, White Leghorn
      • Cochins
        • Assortment, Black, Barred, Mottled: Spotted, Black Frizzle
      • Silkies
        • Assortment, White, Blue, Black, Partridge, Red, Buff
    17-week old pullets available:
    • Golden Buff, Leghorn, Black Star Link

    *Other available poultry will be updated later!

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