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By mgw · Jan 11, 2012 · Updated Jul 30, 2012 · ·
  1. mgw

    This is the tractor I have been working on for the polish chicks. The first pic shows the inside of the coop part. It is 3ft wide x 4ft long. Still need to add the roost, on the floor I used corrugated vinyl the kind you use under runner capets. It is hard to cut had to use shears, to clean coopall I will have to do is fold it like a taco shell slide out & dump.Ventilation is 2 soffitt vents front & back plus left siding down 1.5 inches from ridge & used a metal ridgecap hope its enough? The second pic shows the run part, the pop door and ramp. I used 1/2 inch poultry netting 24 inches up the side and then 2 by 4 welded wire to cover all of it. The ramp is hindged so it folds in half, so you can fold it up when you move it and it makes a good draft seal its also easily accessed from the entry door to the run. The run is 4x10 ft. Notice the pollands are enjoying their freedom. Pic 3 shows the nest box door that you can access from the top. Pic 4 shows the nest box door off so you can access the inside of the coop. I have really enjoyed building this project. I am going to rethink the tire situation. We are going to call it "The Roadhouse". I would appreciate all your comments, thoughts, and ideas!!

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  1. mrchicks
    I absolutely love your coop!
  2. SarahJaneB
    Awesome tractor!!! I want to build a tractor like this one :) Though I really really hate working with chicken wire, so difficult to handle, so I will probably use hardware cloth around the bottom. Great job!! Looks very safe!

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