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Micah Wotring

By micah wotring · Apr 15, 2016 · Updated Feb 21, 2017 · ·
  1. micah wotring
    Hello from WV
    My name is Micah and I am always thinking of new animals that I want to raise.
    This is a link to my blog.
    My sister's cow, calf pair. (Sold now)


    One of my all time best photos.

    Jack, our old, lazy dog.

    Zach holding one of my sister's baby goats.

    Lady, one of the few chickens that I have given a name.

    MacGyver, my best bantam rooster.



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  1. CuzChickens
    Awesome photography, Micah!
  2. micah wotring
    (you stalker! This was posted WAY back! XP)

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