We have a small farm in central Pennsylvania.
I have many breeds of chickens, including RIR,americana,lavender,lemon and buff orphingtons,jersey giants,millie fleur,white crested polish,black crested polish,turkens, showgirls and silkies in white,black & red.
Five peafowl,2 whites,2 pied,and 1 india blue!
I have 4 pygmy goats that are like lil puppies.
My dwarf Netherland rabbits are two himmys and an otter.
Inside the house are my four dogs, Valentine,my maltese,Domino,a terrier/poodle mix, kita who is a collie/akita mix and Bunny ,who is a shitzu mix!
A lovebird named peachy.Four kitties, kitty-no-name,charlie,chunk and Smokey.

We are one big happy farm family!