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By RaZ · Jan 11, 2014 · Updated Jun 20, 2014 · ·
  1. RaZ

    June 21, 2014 will be this year's Chicken Stock at Delta Mills Park in Lansing. (Same place as last year)

    The food as CS has always been fantastic and our peeps can really cook, bake and smoke. From traditional picnic fare to exotic dishes there is something that appeals to everyone. You can even try something new. Like quino, quinwa, queeno, or however it is spelled. Heck, no one can even pronounce it but it sure was tasty.

    This article will be the official location for everyone to check out who is bringing what dish. We will have a separate thread to add your specialty and I will then post it here. You can also PM me with what you can bring to the party.

    Remember that there is no obligation to bring a dish if you are travelling far or just don't have the extra resources to do so.

    Stay tuned for updates.

    Created 11-Jan-2014
    BYC NameReal NameDish You Are BringingNeed an Outlet?
    RaZRandyCalico beansYes
    Precious KittyKatVenison steaks, charcoal & starter
    Folly's PlaceMaryCucumber salad or chocolate cake
    lbrykowski2011 Parsley creamed corn w/ baconYes
    Candy442CandyCold garden veggie pasta salad with oil type dressing
    Bobbry Hamburgers (10 lbs) Some grilling required.
    RTFchickens Macaroni salad
    annagarretPaulaVeggie and fruit tray
    LisaLouHoo Brownies
    Wynette Hot dogs and buns
    RoostersCrow, HensDeliverChelsea6/7 layer Mexican bean dip
    Annagarret Veggie - fruit tray
    Sliced tomatoes; lettuce; cucumbers; and a dessert
    glambka cornbread muffins
    lovemychicklets potato salad
    Brennigan salsa/chips & a couple dozen cookies
    Hillbilly HenLauraHomemade mounds bars
    Debchickmom Coleslaw
    Folly's PlaceMaryBread and butter pickles
    jlynette Buns and condiments
    MrsChickenDad Baklava
    gmauerman black bean salad and possibly an Italian pasta salad

    jimmysanbormJamesbaked beans, apple pie and pecan pie
    uchytil cake
    maah cheesy hash brown bacon casserole. (gluten free)
    Mish donuts and coffee for the morning

    KrisRose root beer and orange. both diet and reg. so perhaps a watermelon would be good and some chips
    I will be bringing 11 various types of pop, tea, fruit punch, and Andes Mint chip cookies

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  1. KrisRose
    Bringing drinks- root beer and orange. both diet and reg. Was gonna bring baked beans but somebody beat me too it, so perhaps a watermelon would be good and some chips
  2. Mish
    My potluck donation will be donuts and coffee for the morning
  3. jimmysanborn
    I will bring baked beans, apple pie and pecan pie.
    See you all Saturday.
  4. MrsChickendad
    Hey Wynette, I can bring a pan of Baklava.

    Mrs. Chickendad
  5. preciouskitty
    Unless someone else has posted on another thread, I will bring the charcoal & lighter fluid again this year (along with the venison steaks :))
  6. hillermom
    I found a post from Opa dated June of last year saying there WAS enough pates and utensils for next year (this year). So I will not buy more but will think of another food item and add that to the list...
  7. chickwhispers
    Sliced tomatoes; lettuce; cucumbers; and a dessert
  8. preciouskitty
    Besides venison steaks, I can bring baked beans if no one signs upmforbthem
  9. preciouskitty
    Yep, hillermom, think we need those...thought Opa brought all the leftover plates, etc from previous CSs last year Guess we need to check with him prior to buyin more. Darn, he was just at my house this morn picking up my tractor &'I didn't think of it.

    Also, charcoal &'lighter fluid will be needed too..for the burgers, dogs, &'venison steaks.
  10. Brennigan
    Sign me up for salsa/chips & a couple dozen cookies!
  11. hillermom
    I am wondering if someone is already bringing paper plates/plastic ware/cups/napkins. I could do that unless it's already covered :)
  12. snowflake
    I am slow, haven't decided what to bring, maybe brownie and broccoli salad
  13. BobBry
    I will bring 10 pounds of frozen HB patties. They will need to be grilled. duh

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