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Michigan Chickenstock event page!

By Candy442, Mar 31, 2016 | Updated: May 4, 2017 | | |
  1. Candy442
    ****Michigan Chicken Stock 2017 ****

    SATURDAY, JUNE 10, 2017 10AM TO 3PM

    Location: Delta Mills Park, 7001 Old River Trail Lansing

    https://www.google.com/maps/dir//7001+Old+River+Trail,+Lansing,[email protected],-84.6588306,16z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m8!4m7!1m0!1m5!1m1!1s0x882295a1b863d0e5:0xd4be439a90917956!2m2!1d-84.6544532!2d42.7596827

    This page will be updated for those who are attending, what dish they wish to pass, how many door prizes they will bring, . extra necessities needed like extra tables, clean up area, plates, charcoal, etc Also, to list what cute little critters/farm items are being brought for sales/swap.

    There is a play ground close to the covered pavilion used for food and gathering.

    Donations are appreciated, they are used to cover the cost to rent the pavilion for the event.

    Fun time for all! See you there!! Updated list below:

    Name # Food Dish to passAnimals/Items coming
    Brett and Candy2Yes Chicks/birds probably, TBA :)
    Troyer (?)
    Mary +1 ?2Chocolate Cake chicks/birds/ ?
    Chicken Lady
    frizzle chicks if interest.

    Uychtil2Charcoal/Salad Bar
    ChickFlick2Baked Beans

    Name Party extras (tables, tableware, charcoal, games? etc)door prizes?
    Brett/Candy2 Tables2 raffle items

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  1. chickflick
    I'll be there. And bringing Krisrose with me. Baked beans
  2. uchytil
    Cindy and John will be there as usual. I have the sign up book, raffle tickets, and assorted plates/cups from last year. I'll bring charcoal&fluid. Cindy will bring a salad bar.
  3. ShabbyChick
    Do you have a list of breeders who will be attending and what they'll be brining? I'm looking for Blue Laced Red Wyandotte... Thanks!
  4. JackieandChicks
    Thinking of this...anyone interested if I set up my frizzle cochins in chicks? The are really adorable...the poodles of chickens!
  5. Folly's place
    I'm coming, and likely bringing a friend. Chocolate cake and whatever else? Also birds, hopefully chicks too. Mary
  6. troyer
    Will try to be there, no commitment as of yet.
  7. Candy442
    @RaZ yes, you can list anything you want here. The list will be updated as needed.
  8. RaZ
    Any interest in birdhouses or feeders? Bat houses?

    We usually have a few people who bring plants to trade. Can we list that here too?
  9. MrsChickendad
    The Chickendads are not going to be able to attend after all. Mrs. C. is using a wheelchair, so having Chickendad pushing her up and down the hills is going to wear him out! Plus, our hatches were not good this year, so all we have are replacement birds. Drat!
  10. Candy442
    We have six "maybes" from our Facebook event invite of Michigan chicken people that we are in groups with. And one that is going that has not responded on BYC.

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