Michigan Chickenstock Potluck Food Update.

By RaZ · Apr 15, 2013 · Updated Jun 20, 2013 · ·
  1. RaZ
    This will the the place where I can update the food list for the Michigan Chickenstock event.

    Chickenstock will be held on June 22, 2013. The location is Delta Township Park.

    Below is the list of who is bringing what:

    RaZRandyCalico baked beansY
    BackyardFarmMom Ambrosia
    Herducks Pasta salad
    Farmerboy16 Rhubarb oat desert
    SnowflakeMaryBrocoli salad & water
    Kimmie6067 Bean salad & Ham roll-ups
    tdhensen86TimDesert of some kind
    minniefarmBarbwatermelon and pickles
    Folly's placeMarychocolate cake
    Keirys lasagna 16-Apr
    mrshaggie810 big pot of chili 2-May
    Lovinmychicks chocolate chip cookies 4-May
    NovaAman Decorated cake 4-May
    19sarah90 dessert
    NigellasKerryQuinoa/Bean salad and a gluten-free desert. 16-May
    Hillybilly Hen chips, homemade Mounds bars 20-Jun
    Opa smoked chicken 25-May
    Jorey Apple snickers 29-May
    HollyDuckFarmer homemade bread for sandwiches, a jello desert 5-Jun
    Scifisarah Bread and some sort of spread 7-Jun
    Wynette Hot dogs, buns, ketchup & mustard 13-Jun
    Silly Chicken Charcoal and veggie sticks 14-Jun
    NovaAman Fresh fruit bowl 15-Jun
    GlamkaGailbrownies 20-Jun
    preciouskittyKatVenison stuffing meatballs & venison samplers for the grill 17-Jun
    Mish cupcakes 18-Jun
    Taprock Hummus, chips & crackers 20-Jun
    uchytilCindysalad bar (veggie tray) 20-Jun
    ladyrsanti vinegarette slaw 20-Jun

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  1. SillyChicken
    looks like this will be a byob (no beer) day
  2. RaZ
    Food list has been updated.
  3. RaZ
    Not sure how I missed it so many times. Sorry Nova.
  4. NovaAman
    You've forgotten my donation again... boo hoo.
  5. RaZ
    Woo hoo.
    This is working and should be a better way to keep the list up to date.

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