everyone is doing good.. havent lost anyone since colt shot the fox.. thinking of getting the rainbow egg pullets..??? its 25 pullets of different breeds? I dotn know I want to but Im scared of how to get them all pen'ed... hummm

got a pic of Bo, Midas's daddy cant figure out how to put it on here? so i have it in my pics.. forgot how pretty he was.. Midas is growing up nicely and is going to be beautiful too..

found a new favorite goodies espcialy for the littel black girls.. they love zuc' quiche... gave them some left overes and thougth the little black girls were gonna go crazy they liked it so much.. the big kids are still just as happy with wet feed as anything..
Lafiat is doing a jam up job with the girls. his girls have their new feathers for their tails very pretty.. jett is still just Jett? barred rock girls are doing good and growing beautifuly.. Sookie and Golden have gotten their ear muffs and their beards are coming in wonderfuly.. uncle daddy is still smaller but he's growing good.. all the girls are starting to pink up in their combs. need to get the nest box ready for them.. gonna be dog house.. works good and gives them privecy and they can still see whats going on in pen as well..

still cant get anyone to help me put up the wire for the coop.. dont know why I thougth they would help me.. oh well..

gonna go for now.. later chicks.. hahahha