Middletown New York Chicken Ordinance

By rikperry · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. rikperry
    Middletown New York Chicken Ordinance

    Are Chickens Allowed in this locationNo
    Max Chickens Allowed
    Roosters AllowedNo
    Permit RequiredNo
    Coop RestrictionsNA
    City/Organization Contact nameJohn Naumchik, City Clerk/Clerk of the Common Council Phone: (845) 346-4166 Fax: (845) 344-5428 http://www.middletown-ny.com/index.htm
    Additional InformationCity of Middletown, NY http://www.ecode360.com/?custId=MI0232 \"...electronic version is provided for informational purposes only. For the official version please contact the municipality.\" CHAPTER 161. ANIMALS ARTICLE III. Farm Animals (§ 161-13 — § 161-15) [Adopted 3-9-2009] § 161-13. Prohibited animals. It shall be unlawful to permit any of the following farm animals to be harbored or allowed to remain in any dwelling or lot in the City of Middletown: cattle, chicken, duck, goose, goat, horse or pig. § 161-14. Penalties for offenses. Any person who violates any of the provisions of this article shall be guilty of an offense within the meaning of the Penal Law of the State of New York and, upon conviction thereof, shall be subject to a fine of not less than $50 nor more than $250 for each violation and in addition may be required by the court, in its discretion, to pay restitution to the City of Middletown for any expenses associated with the seizure, impoundment, shelter, care or destruction of the violator\'s animals. Each day that a violation is permitted to exist shall constitute a separate offense. § 161-15. Seizure and impoundment; hearing. In the event that a law enforcement agent or Animal Control Officer has probable cause to believe that any of the above farm animals is being harbored or permitted to remain in any dwelling unit or lot in violation of this article, the law enforcement officer or Animal Control Officer may petition the Middletown City Court to order the seizure and impoundment of the farm animal pending hearing. The owner or custodian of any farm animal seized and impounded pursuant to this article shall be afforded a hearing upon appropriate notice within five days of said seizure to determine if in fact a violation of this article has occurred.
    Link for more Informationhttp://www.ecode360.com/ecode3-back/getSimple.jsp?guid=MI0232
    Information Last Updated2011-03-27 15:02:20

    NOTE: This information was submitted by a member of our chicken forum. Please make sure to double check that this information is accurate before you proceed with raising chickens. You can read more info about checking local laws here..

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