Our neurotic Jersey Giant is on the prowl for stray cats this morning. Time before chickens (tbc) cats from all over the neighborhood would congregate in our back yard. But since Jade (JG) has come to roost at our house, she has made it her job to rid our yard of cats. Jade pecked one cat on the head and that cat hasn't shown up since. Ginger, our Easter Egger, is a year older and has been laying about 5-6 days a week. Yesterday one of the Cochins, Polly, laid her first egg. I am looking forward to next spring when we will have so many eggs, we can give them away. Our chickens have kept us laughing every day since we brought them home. One of the hens is squacking, so there must be an egg being laid.

Let there be a chicken in every yard, so we know where our eggs come from! irene

Observations: bright red combs and wattles popped out and now we have 3 laying eggs. Our neurotic JG has gone from you can't touch me to ready for breeding and likes being petted. She still rounds everyone up to roost, chases cats and squirrels, the tester for new foods. Our older easter-egger has begun to molt, so far only her neck and head feathers have begun to fall out. After looking at chicken saddles, i decided to cut the toe out of a sock and put the sock over her head and neck. I tried to catch her to put it on, but Jade (GJ) intervened and kept me from catching Ginger (EE). I love watching chicken antics and we have decided to add 3 more chickens to our flock. 01/07/11
8/6/11 Time for updates. We had some changes occur, some good-some not. We had to give Jade(JG) away because she was constantly going broody. She kept the other girls on edge and nervous-ergo no eggs. Gave her to a young boy who needed a broody for hatching. She is happy now. We had aquired 2 EE's Cinnamon and Spice. Also got Ruby, A Jersey Red. Unfortunatly we lost Cinnamon and Ruby, both very suddenly. They were each sweet girls who liked being held.
To console ourselves we found a farmer selling Welsummer's-bought three quaranteed to be girls. Also picked up Copper Maran (Penny). Luckily he stood behind his warranty and traded two roos for Welsummer girls (Thelma and Louise). The one original Welsummer Is named Sam or Sammy. Hey!! I felt outnumbered. There is my wife 2 female and one male cat, myself, 8 chickens(all female) so I needed a name to help level the field. Of course when she starts laying , I'll call her Samantha.
Update-Irene didn't like the names Thelma & louise, so thelma is now Lily and Louise is unnamed. On Tuesday 6 Dec 2011 Lily gave us her first egg. It's about 1/2 the size of a regular (not large) egg. She is giving us one egg every other day.