I Started building my new Chick Brooder a couple weeks ago. The Brooder is 69" long x 36" wide x 2' tall. I built this using materials, I had already. That is why the length is not a even number. I started out with building the bottom frame using 2 x 4s. I add a top to the frame and then 2 x 6 legs 30" tall. When I had this part done it looked like a work table for the garage. I decide then I want to make it easy to take apart. In case I wanted to move it or I was done with chicks altogether. I cut plywood for the front and back. Then I ripped 2 x 4s to make 2 x 2s. I made a frame with these. The back and sides are screwed together to make one piece. The top frame was then screwed to the bottom table with 6 screws. Very easy to take apart. Then I put the front doors on. I decide to make them like barn doors. The can be removed by unscrewing the hinges. I put a window in one of the front doors for the kids to be able to look in at the chicks. The window was salvaged from a old camper. The top is hinged for easy maintenance. It is also not screwed to the frame. I wanted to be able to remove the tops if need. I hard wired 2 light receptacles in the top. I add a perch for roosting. The Brooder just got a coat of white paint. The white paint makes it look very nice. Because I had a lot of materials on hand. The brooder only cost $10 to build. The only thing I bought was the hinges. I like this brooder. It is bigger than my last one and easier to clean because it sits 30" off the ground. My choice of lights on this unit will cost less than last time. I have 24 Ameraucana eggs in the incubator waiting to hatch to use there new Brooder.