Mikes Winchester Chicken Coop

By thecoopbuilder · May 26, 2012 · ·
  1. thecoopbuilder
    I have just started building chicken coops for a month now and loving it. This 3ftx4ft Winchester coop is amazing. it holds up to 4-7 chickens, but many of my customers say it can hold 8.
    It comes with a clean out drawer, A man door on the side, 4 cute hand made windows, 4 egg boxes, 4 perches inside, 12x8 sliding chicken door, and a 3x5 chicken run.
    My customers have been ordering this design the most due to how it looks more like a house instead of a coop. The roof was the most complex part using 2x4 trusses and 5/8 inch sheathing, but the rest of the framing was not all that hard using 2x2 studs.
    The floor rafters is treated with 2x2's with 5/8inch osb sheathing on top.
    This coop is extremely easy to build on site. I pre build it in my shop and it comes in sections so it is already painted. All what is required s screws to put the whole thing together.
    If you have any questions concerning how to build this, feel free to email me or visit my website at www.uppervalleybuilders.biz.

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  1. Roxannemc
  2. thecoopbuilder
    I mostly build these for my customers, but my wife tells me that I should make some plans. Give me about a week and I will probably post an announcement or plans for all my coop designs. Thanks for the comment
  3. Wabash Wheels
    Great looking coop. Any idea when the plans will be available to purchase? I am interested in plans for the 6x8 or the 8x8 with the run.
  4. LittleSticks
    Nice looking coop!

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