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By milakegrl · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. milakegrl

    Living in God's Country (Upper Peninsula of Michigan) with two scruffy little dogs (Sprocket & Arlo), a bunny in the basement (Bun Lee), and the boyfriend (D). I now have 4 EE chicks (hatched 3/16 - purchased 3/23), one grey silkie chick (hatched unassisted 4/9) and one black EE chick (hand hatched 4/11). Nine others who hatched in May & I'm not sure what they are!
    Looking for blue laying hens STILL!!! I didn't realize how hard they are to come by....I think I've got a lead on ebay for some luck better improve on the male/female ration this time! I'm setting up the bator in September. Updates to follow!

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