The Miller Partridge Rock Hen House
I have had chickens for the past four years I got my mom into them last year and she has 5 acres about 2 miles from my house so I decided to move my hens out to her place till we get more room. After I helped her design a coop and build a run with hotwire at the base because we have coyotes, owls, hawks, dogs and racoons around so they can't free range like I would prefure. But now I have taken over this part of my moms property and we are having fun doing so.​
It took me a while but I have settled one breed of chicken the Partridge Rock we do have one buff Orphinton she is our constant broody she raised all the Partridge Rocks from day old chicks. They lay great brown eggs started laying at 5 1/2 months our rooster is getting in the swing of things and we should be up and selling eggs by summer. We have 12 hens and our handsome rooster. Updating our page this week to have pictures of the hens and rooster if we get a sunny day :)
I Choose the Partridge Rock because I loved my 2 barred rocks that were aging for their laid back personality but wont take anyones gruff, great laying ability, and free ranging to hold their own... but I wanted a different look. The Partridge Rock is a sub color of the Barred Rock family. The Hens have beautiful laced feathering and a neck with soft brown and greenish black streaked feathers. I love the build of heritage breeds and I liked the idea of helping to bring this "endangered" breed back to life in my area. I also liked the idea of starting to raise a breed that would show well when my son starts 4H is two years when he can start the Jr. chicken division at 5. Our rooster is a stunning gentlemen he is very gentle with the hens and my young kids. My son is 3 and goes right up to him and picks him up. My 16 month old doesn't want anything to do with him because he crows and she doesn't like the sound haha. Our rooster is just fine around goats, cows, and horses but he does not like dogs at all. Because we had a coyote problem when he was about 4 months old that has now been eradicated. Our hens started laying at 5 1/2 months old. We have 11 hens (we ordered 25 kept 12 for ourself.. 1 was a rooster) we hope to be selling hatching eggs by June. Our girls lay between 10 to 15 eggs a day at the moment have to love early spring!

10947_082.jpg 10947_095.jpg 10947_057.jpg
This is our Partridge Rock Rooster Here is one of our beautiful hens showing us her laced feathers Few more of our ladies out free ranging
10947_070.jpg 10947_066.jpg 10947_088.jpg
My three year old son loves gathering the eggs. My hens were off to lay some eggs but I got a shot of her wonderful
The girls let him pick the eggs up from under them but not me feather laced pattern and thick yellow clean legs.


Here is our coop its 10' by 9', 10 sqft smaller than whats required to have a building permit haha.