Milton Ollies

By SMilano · Apr 17, 2012 · Updated Apr 17, 2012 · ·
  1. SMilano
    I walked into a Tractor Supply store to buy horse feed during chick days and saw the cutest little fuzzy butts. SInce i had just recently moved to a little bit of property, I couldn't leave without 2 RIR, 1 bantam cochin, and 2 pekin ducklings. oh my goodness, i didnt know what i was in for, but i sure loved those cute little things and wanted to take the best care of them. SInce that time, i have learned a lot about ducks and chickens, just in observing my own, and a lot of research i have done on the internet. After about 2 weeks, the five of them had outgrown my small rabbit cage, they once seemed so small in. So we built a deluxe cage and upscaled as we were discussing ideas on the "eggery". This cage lasted approx 6 weeks, by the time they were 7 weeks old, the ducks towered and there was no room. There was no splitting them up, the ducks could not live without the chickens and the chickens would not live without the ducks. They cried for each other when seperated. They are a family. So we built a coop that would accommodate a duck pair and several chickens, as i had plans to add to my chicken collection. It worked out really well, and they love the room and being together. I have 6 more family members (chickens, no more ducks!) in quarantine to join some day!

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