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By MiniDriver · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. MiniDriver
    Eggs in the City
    After years of planning and yearning, we're finally getting chickens! We only plan to get 2-3 three chickens, which is all that could reasonably squeeze into our tight little coop. As you can see, it's a city neighborhood with houses very close together (you can see my neighbor's house in the upper right corner of the photo). So we'll bribe 'em with eggs to keep 'em happy. No roos in such close quarters! We're planning a large pen for the girls to run around in.
    We bought the coop on ebay - what a surprise! It's from England and has just enough room for a nest box and perch in the enclosed area, then a bit of running-around room. More pictures to come!

    We had planned on rescuing hens from Nevins Farm, our local SPCA. But after discussions with the shelter, we decided that it wouldn't work out. What a bummer.

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