Hi! I am Melinda, mom to 3 wonderful children, one of which is actually a custodial stepdaughter with some special needs. We live in Burnsville, MS on a 30 acre mini farm. We have 3 horses, Bandit, Spirit and Noname, lots of chickens, 2 dogs, Ginger the pom and Chopper the black lab, and a cat named Cat Cat.
My chicken flock currently consists of.....
2 EE hens
1 Silkie Cockrell
1 Showgirl Cockrell
4 Rhonde Island red hens
1 Rhode Island Red Roo
7 Barred Rock Hens
1 New Hampshire Red Roo

25 Buff Orph Pullets
2 Buff Orph Cockerells
3 Buff Orph Roos
3 Buff Orph hen

I buy my day olds from Privett Hatchery in New Mexico. My dh decided in October that he wanted to buy some buff orph chicks. I searched, compared prices, ect. Very few hatcheries were even hatching that late in the year. I finally found Privett, they had my buffs and they were ready to ship in a week!!!!!! They were sooo great to me that I decided just to stick with them. And guess what, they acutally know the difference between and araucana and an ameraucana. Not sure if they are correct and they maybe be selling EE's, but at least they got that far.

You can read my blog at wintersfarm.blogspot.com. Leave a comment, I love comments.