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    I got two of these as chicks. The yellow feathers and white legs made me think they were Buff Orpington's. It wasn't until they got older and I could see the white earlobes that I knew they were something else. So far they seem a little flighty but overall pretty good natured. This main picture is a pullet, I will update when she gets older.





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    Buff Minorca chicks at three days old.​

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  1. Sylvester017
    So how are your Minorcas doing now? Are they a fairly larger bird? I think hens get to 6 or more pounds. If they are a Mediterranean breed they probably won't allow petting and big floppy comb makes them skittish w/some obstructive vision but they'll probably be tame enough to take treats from your hand if you've worked with them that way. The eggs should be large and white too. Am I close?

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