Miracle the Easter Egger

By Malibu99 · Jan 17, 2013 · ·
  1. Malibu99
    Miracle is probably my sweetest chicken. She's hilarious, adorable, and fluffy. I thought I'd share some of the smiles she gives me, or at least try to.

    In May, we had a chicken who was rejected by the flock (Pecked until blood was drawn, etc.) and had to separate her. Knowing that chickens were flock animals, we knew we had to get her a 'sister'. I walked into the chicken pen at the feed store, looking for a silkie or possibly another Brahma. But no- I saw a small Easter Egger who hadn't even gotten her beard yet, hatched in April. I fell in love with her, and we brought her home.

    When we got home, we had a huge scare. I had her in a dog crate next to Ella (the rejected chicken) for the day to make sure there was no aggression. I went to move the dog crate and didn't realize that Miracle was small enough to fit through the holes on the bottom of the dog crate. As soon as I lifted it up, she fell through and ran into our big 'brush pile' (a large pile of old tree branches, pine needles, and other things to burn). Now this wouldn't be a problem if raccoons didn't live in there.

    45 minutes of digging and calling later, I heard peeping. Miracle was alive! I quickly grabbed her and hugged her, then put her in the coop with Ella who instantly loved her. Miracle's still smaller, but now has a big, beautiful beard.

    When we brought her home.

    Miracle loves dressing up. She wore a purple build-a-bear dress for Halloween.

    If you try to chase her, she jumps on top of her coop and sits there, waiting for you to grab her. She also loves having her beard brushed with a pink barbie brush... And she loves coming in the house for coconut oil and a few crackers. She's my sweetie!

    She hates this plastic owl.



    She loves hats.

    Mir on the right and Ella on the left, enjoying a dustbath.

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  1. iluvorpingtons
  2. willowbranchfarm
    She is beautiful.
  3. little farmer
    Aw, she's so cute!!! I hope that my EE will be as sweet as Mir. :)
  4. Malibu99
    Thanks :) I'll attempt to get back into the 'diary'... been really busy. LOL
  5. BantamFan4Life
    Great pictures! I love Miracle from reading this to following her "diary".

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