Miss Frizzie & Mr Boots

By Mrs Peaches · Jun 7, 2013 · Updated Jun 18, 2013 ·
  1. Mrs Peaches
    I bought these two as Banty straight run chicks at the tractor store with 8 other various chicks. They are 12 weeks old and I believe they are Banty Cochin roosters with one becoming a Frizzle. Mr Boots is smooth with feathered legs. He is very aggressive towards new chickens and runs around acting tough. I call it his little man complex. I have handled them since day one but they still run if you reach down to pick them up. On this particular day I took them away from their siblings (other breeds), and they cuddled right up as they were out of their comfort zone. They may both be roos but Frizzie does not act like a roo, so I am not sure. She/he stays calm around the other chickens and waddles her way around the other animals foraging for food. Mr Boots on the other hand spends most of his time running to and fro
    practicing his crowing skills.



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