This is Georgia - She is a Easter Egger, hatched in a class from Brooklyn, New York!

She has the sweetest personality, loves treats and to fall asleep right in your arms. I adopted Georgia when she was about 6 weeks old. Below is one of her baby pictures:

She was hatched by a class in Brooklyn NY and then I adopted her from a loving family who did a great job raising her!

Georgia checking out her first snow.

A couple months ago I came home one day and found Georgia distressed making a horrible noise. She was moaning and it sounded like she had swallowed a dogs squeaky toy mixed with hiccups. I called the chicken experts that I know and no one had ever heard anything like this before. Not knowing what to do, I separated the chicken from the flock and found an Avian vet.

I rushed her over. The vet was wonderful, he spent two hours looking at her trying to figure out exactly what had happened. The first day I brought her he had decided that she must have something stuck in her throat or croup (can't remember exactly). He gave me pain medicine, antibiotics and an anti fungal.

The first night was rough. I kept her in the house and tried to comfort her. I did not think she was going to make it. Miraculously, she fell asleep around 4AM. I woke up the next morning and found her up feeling much better!!

A few hours after I brought her home after the vet day 1. Not doing so good.

The next morning I woke up and found her feeling much much better, but still not in the clear. Every couple of hours her hiccups and moaning would start up, but not as bad as day 1.

Brought her back to the vet since I could not stand the thought of her suffering. As soon as she went in the room she perked up and made her way to a full recovery!!

Getting better!!

I kept Georgia in the house for the next week to finish out her medicine. I wanted her back to full health before she went out with the other girls, who had a hard time accepting her back into the flock. During this week Georgia became the sweetest, friendliest chicken ever! She loves to be pet and will spread her wings out so you don't miss a spot.

Baby Picture:

Georgia out with her new friends.

She lays the big green eggs. Barely misses a day!

Today Georgia is 100% back to full health and back at the top of the pecking order!!