Miss Yellow Beak

By ozark_chickies · Jan 20, 2012 · Updated Feb 10, 2012 ·
  1. ozark_chickies
    Miss Yellow Beak got her name, because it was the first thing I saw of her peaking out of the egg. If I had known how fond of her I was to become, I would have given her a better name. Miss Yellow Beak is an OEGB cross, or just a mutt. I had two roosters and two hens in quarantine, and she came out of an egg I collected from their pen.

    She was hatched on June 20 2011, so she is about seven months old. She started laying eggs last month, and gives me four or five a week. She is a sweet little hen, who likes raisins, and she will eat them while sitting in my lap or perched on my shoulder.She will coo at me when I talk to her, and is good company for a chicken.[​IMG]

    Updated to add: Miss Yellow Beak is now brooding 10 eggs. They are due to hatch 2-20-2011, and on last candling all were developing !

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