I am:​

  • Completely new to chickens.
  • Thoroughly addicted to my new chickens.
  • Looking forward to learning as much as possible about my new little feathery friends.

Once upon a time...

When we recently moved, and I found myself with an acre of land in the country, lots of scrap and such, and a great desire to try my hand at raising some lovely pets that would feed me in return :). So, I am starting out with lots of scrap pallets from my job, and this old decrepit doghouse that was left on our property for the coop, and some free in-need-of-a-little-love totes I found that someone was throwing away for the brooder.



After scrubbing the totes and purchasing a few heat lamps. I found myself with 2 Mottled Cochin and 5 I-have-no-idea-what-color Cubalaya chicks.


And I am still awaiting the delivery of my Buff Brahmas and Easter Eggers, as well as 4 "Surprise" Pullets.

And that's the story up-to-date! Stay tuned for more...

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