We started building our coop about a year ago and finally finished it this Spring. With the help of my sister, we acquired 5 Polish hens that she needed to relocate due to near death experiences with the rest of the chickens in her flock. Of course we named them even though I said we wouldn't because they aren't "pets". Well, we ended up with Miss A, Batgirl (BG), Rosalie (Rose), Mendy (kept the name given to her at my sisters), and Z. (See we have chickens from A to Z!) BG, Rose and Z are all Black with White top hats. Mendy is a buff and A is all white. Late this summer we had an incident with a bad mean old coon that has seen it's last day. The fence gate on our run had about a 4 inch gap between the top of the gate and the top of the run. This bad old coon got in there and snatched Rose from us. =( But my DH had the last laugh!

We had been quite concerned about the egg production of the Polish since everyone we talked to and everything I had read lead us to believe they would probably not EVER lay any eggs. We were pleasantly happy to find our first eggs the middle of September! YEA!!!
About 3 weeks ago, my step-dad rounded up 5 RIR's and 1 Mutt (I think) Roo.

After this introduction of new birds in our flock, with the days been getting shorter, ou Polish had ceased laying. Makes me sad... I like finding those tiny white eggs in the boxes! But the RIR's have continued laying, averaging 1 a day. We are contemplating a light fixture to give them more light for egg production only.