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    Hi! I got my first pullets a little over a year ago. I thought they were Amerauncana, but now know they are really EE's. We started out with 4, lost tow and this spring bought 4 more. 1 EE, 2 RIR's and and 1 red sex link. My children (son14, daughter16) named them all. the first 4 were named Daisy, Daffodil (because of their buttery yellow color), Amelia (the first to fly) and Nugget (My DH named that one!) Nugget was the first to get eaten by a coyote. Amelia layed gorgeous blue eggs, she got eaten by a mangy fox. Daisy turned out to be a roo, but the name stuck with him. Perhaps that is why he sooooo obnoxious. the new 4 pullets (I hope they are all hens) are Blossom, Buttercup, Bubbles and Mojojo. My daughter loved the pwerpuff girls when she was little.

    We also have 4 horses, 3 cats and 1 very old dog. We live on 10 acres in South Alabama. We moved onto our new little "farm" 2 years ago. We got into horses and soon discovered that for the board we were paying, we could buy a place with land. I don't think I will ever be able to live in a subdivision again, the space and the abillity to garden are a dream come true!
    [​IMG] Daffodil

    [​IMG] Daisy

    My kids on my horse Molly [​IMG] My DH's horse Bullitt [​IMG]

    My Daughter's horse Zephyr Song (Dun) and My son's horse Bella (Paint) [​IMG]

    Annabelle (Quees of everything and slightly evil) [​IMG] Ripley [​IMG] and

    June Kitty. The people who sold us the farm, let her for us. [​IMG]

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