Rooster Hill Farm
Raising chickens in Central Missouri purely for the pleasure of it.
I have been raising chickens for many years. It all began as a hobby to provide eggs for our family. It has evolved into so much more. Now my two younger sons are involved with raising chickens for 4-H projects and for the fun of it. My youngest son, Matthew is the most caring, compassionate, dedicated child I have ever met. He loves his chickens and takes incredible care of them.
We have quite a variety of chickens. Currently, we have Rhode Island Reds, Light Brahmas, Aracaunas, White Crested Black Polish, Black Stars, White Rocks, Mottled Houdans, Mille Fleur D'Uccles, and several Black Breasted Old English Game Bantams. Our newest chicks are bantam phoenixes. We are always on the lookout for the next addition to our flock. We have about 30 birds right now and love them all for their unique personalities. We hope you enjoy the pictures of our birds.